The Wrestling News Vol. 1 1972-73

New book by Mark James

02 Dec 2015
The Wrestling News book is out!
The new book collects and reprints the amazing Wrestling News from the beginning!

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 'The Wrestling News Vol. 1 1972-73' Is Out!


The Wrestling News Vol 1 1972-73, by Brian Bukantis & Mark James

The Wrestling News was the wrestlng fan's magazine in the 1970s and 1980s. Norm Kietzer was the driving force behind this great magazine. Brian Bukantis and Mark James are happy to announce they have come together to collect and reprint this entire collection of newspapers and magazines in large volumes.

This initial volume collects the first sixteen issues of The Wrestling News from June 1972 through March 1973. This on going series will continue to document all the entire The Wrestling News. It's long precess but one wrestling fans are sure to appreciate.

The Wrestling News Vol 1 1972-73 (232 pp., B&W & 8.5x11) is available for purchase now. It is priced at $22.99 and is available in print at AMAZON.COM as well as the publisher's WEBSITE. Lastly, I love my UK fans and the book is available for you at AMAZON UK