Mid-South/UWF 1979-87 Book

New book by Mark James

18 Aug 2015
Mid-South/UWF Record book is out!
The new record book covering Watts' Mid-South/UWF has been released!

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 Wrestling Record Book: Mid-South/UWF 1979-1987'


Wrestling Record Book: Mid-South/UWF 1979-1987, by Mark James

Continuing our goal of documenting as much old school wrestling as possible. Our latest book covers Bill Watt's Mid-South/UWF territory. His territory ran from 1979 through 1987 when he sold it to Jim Crockett Jr. This record book has all the known cards, matches and results from the territory. The Watts' territory was one of pro wrestling's greatest promotions. It would have many wrestlers go to the NWA, WCW and WWF. The book's Foreword is written by Jim Cornette.

Wrestling Record Book: Mid-South/UWF 1979-1987 (202 pp., B&W) is available for purchase now. It is priced at $21.99 and is available in print at AMAZON.COM as well as the publisher's WEBSITE. Lastly, I love my UK fans and the book is available for you at AMAZON UK

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