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10 Dec 2010 |
Dutch's 2nd Book Is Out
Tales From A Dirt Road is now available. Dutch's first book is still available as well.


Dutch Mantell's Books


Spending my teenage years in Memphis during the early 1980s, I spent my Saturday mornings watching Memphis Wrestling. One of my favorite wrestlers was Dutch Mantell. Who knew that all these years later I'd be able to help Dirty Dutch put out his own books.

Dutch Mantell is an amazing storyteller. If you've read any of his blog posts, then you know how interesting and funny his stories can be. I believe the great thing about Dutch's stories are that they translate well. When you read them, it's as if he's sitting on a barstool right beside you, telling the story out loud.

For the better part of the 1970s til today, Dutch was involved in professional wrestling. I highly recommend these books to you because they capture the inner workings of a lost profession, wrestling.

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